19 —— 20    6    2020
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As this year’s festival season ends, we’re already hard at work preparing the next one. At
this point, the date and location have been set: the fifth annual Metronome Festival will take
place on June 19-20, 2020, at its traditional home in Prague’s Výstaviště exhibition ground.

2019’s festival continued the musical direction of previous years and proved that an eclectic
mix of new acts and established musical performers is very attractive for concert goers.
Most guests came to see the biggest starts, such as Liam Gallagher, who played a
combination of songs from his solo career and a rich swath of Oasis’s Britpop hits; as well
as Kraftwerk, whose 3D show was a feast for the senses and an adventurous expedition
into a time when the aesthetics of electronic music were only coming together. Many
visitors also loved the performances by Primal Scream, Morcheeba, Anny Calvi, and
Jungle, while the biggest domestic acts included Pražský výběr and Khoiba.