21 —— 22    6    2019


Friday 18:00 ČT PARK STAGE

The members of one of the most popular contemporary British rock bands first met while at secondary school. Their career may have taken off 15 years ago, but they chose the current name of the group only in 2008. A year later, their debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey was released that included their first hit single I Know What I Am, which then appeared in advertisements, TV series, and computer games. Singles from Band of Skulls next four albums had similar success, bolstered by the band’s ability to creatively visualize their music.

Band of Skulls is usually called garage rock for its coarse sound with a strong blues rock influence. However, the group’s latest album Love Is All You Love released in April and produced by electronica guru Richard X added elements of the latest trends while maintaining a strong rock vein at the heart of the music.