21 —— 22    6    2019


Saturday 14:45 MOON STAGE

ILLE is a Prague-based indie-pop group comprised of Olga Königová, Marek Svoboda, A.m. Almela, and Petr Odstrčil.

ILLE’s first record was a hit with critics and fans. MusicServer declared it the best Czech album of 2013 and ILLE earned an Apollo music critics’ award as well as the most nominations at the 2014 Anděl awards. In the meantime, Olga sang with Kašpárk v rohlíku and recorded two successful collaborations: “V blbým věku” with Xindl X and “Rozcestí” with Michal Hrůza. As individual musicians, the group’s members have also worked with the likes of Aneta Langerová, Xindl X, Michal Hrůza, Miro Žbirka, Bratři Orffové and Kafka Band.

In 2018, ILLE released its second album titled “Pohádky” produced by Dušan Neuwerth that was positively received by critics. The band went on tour in the fall of 2018 with Bratři Orffové and the single “Na druhé straně” won the 2018 Radio 1 Velká sedma charts for the Czech and Slovak music scene. The release was again named the MusicServer album of the year.