21 —— 22    6    2019


Saturday 17:15 METRONOME STAGE

One of those groups that wasn’t created by cold-blooded managers or with the vision of “getting in the business.” Founders Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson have been friends since childhood, growing up in the same neighbourhood and going to the same school. “J and T,” as they call themselves, share a life-long love of music and joined their first bands together before creating Jungle.

They released their first single in October 2013, which was nominated for a BBC award only two months later. The following year saw the release of their eponymous debut album under the prestigious XL Recordings label, earning a nomination for a Mercury Prize. 2014 was also the first of Jungle’s many performances at Glastonbury, the premier music festival in the U.K.

Everything went slowly but surely according to plan: concerts at home and abroad, in both Europe and the home of soul, the United States. Jungle also appeared on a series of TV programs and played a number of popular festivals. The group’s second album For Ever was released last year and charted all around the world, especially in the States where Jungle introduced their version of the originally American music genre influence by the current London scene.