21 —— 22    6    2019



Khoiba was founded in 2002 by singer Ema Brabcová and guitar and keyboard player Filip Míšek. Thanks to a perfect harmony of electronic sounds, melodious guitars and a great voice they soon became a sensation of the club scene. Their position was confirmed in 2004 by their debut album Nice Traps and by the next record Mellow Drama released three years later. At the peak of their career Khoiba broke up, Ema Brabcová continued in the Luno band and Míšek focused on his solo project Dikolson.

At the beginning of 2017, Khoiba announced a planned comeback. The first signal that it was really happening was the new single Stoke the Fire and the rather sporadic performances of the newly revived band was a performance before the US Grizzly Bear at the Roxy club Prague in 2018.

Khoiba is planning a new album to be released by the respected label Minority Records in 2019. And one of the main concerts of this comeback will be also the June performance at the Metronome Festival Prague.