21 —— 22    6    2019



Attention to detail, refined lyrics, and delicate personal testimonies are the reasons why debutante Margo attracted so much attention from listeners and critics this year.

Singer and songwriter Aneta Martínková, alias Margo, appeared at the end of last year with a confident album whose lengthy name could not even fit into Facebook’s event field when the premiere was announced. The individual songs with even longer titles suggest the biggest strength of the debut: the ability to transform life stories into an affecting musical experience that deserves your attention. Margo’s brand of intellectual pop takes inspiration from a myriad of sources, including music from experimental producer Oneohtrix Point Never or singer St. Vincent. Independent communal label Bad Names released the record created in cooperation with producer Tomáš Havlena. Margo currently appears on stage with singer and pianist Táňa Lvovská and drummer Vladimír Švestka.

Author: Jiří Kordík