21 —— 22    6    2019



The String Quartet was he first group to spin off the Prague Film Orchestra (PFO), accompanying French pianist, singer, and songwriter Franck Sitbon in April 2015.
The quartet didn’t have to wait long for its next opportunity. In December 2015, it took part in the pre-premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the Lucerna movie theatre. This performance led to rather regular cooperation with the Future Gate festival that resulted in not only performances by the entire orchestra, but also by the Smyčce PFO (Strings of the PFO) group.
Since that event, the group has been led by conductor and violist Jiří Korynta, who supplements performances with his own witty banter. Current and former members of the PFO have taken the seats of first violin, second violin, and cellist.
The quartet became a sextet at the turn of 2016/2017 with the addition of drummer Martin Vinš and keyboardist Radim Linhart.

PFO Sexteto gradually built up its popularity through performing at festivals like Hvězdy ve Hvězdy and at the Galerie Portheimka and Cross Club, while also becoming an intrinsic part of the PFO. It’s also played the Usmev movie theatre in Košice, Slovakia twice during the Christmas season.

The group’s repertoire is constantly expanding and now includes over 100 compositions that span from classical music to pop and film scores.