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Prepare for the festival by charging your account in advance from the comfort of your own home. Create an online account and get a 100 CZK bonus for Metronome Festival Prague with a Mastercard.
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Cashless payments work much like credit cards. Your festival bracelet will serve as a digital wallet for purchases at the festival. Simply place your festival bracelet close to the terminal to pay for your purchases. The chip will record how much you charge the bracelet with and you can add funds later at Cashless Top Up points within the festival grounds or online. Everything is free and there are no refund fees (with the exception of foreign accounts where banks charge transaction fees).

Contact customer support at [email protected]

FAQ – Cashless Payments at the Metronome Festival


Transactions – simple, secure, cashless.

Cashless and fast purchases at all food stands, bars, and other tents

Use a special RFID bracelet to pay throughout the festival grounds.


  1. Are all transactions at the festival cashless?
    Yes. All stands and bars in the festival grounds only accept cashless payments that can be performed through a special RFID bracelet; certain selected sites (that will be marked) will accept payment cards as well thanks to our partner Mastercard. There will also be Cashless Top-Up points within the festival grounds where you can use cards or cash to add funds to the bracelet.


  1. How and where can I create my online account for adding credit to my RFID bracelet and what is the purpose of this account?
    You can create an account to add credit to your bracelet before the festival opens, during the festival, or even after it ends. Simply register at https://metronome.simply-x.com by entering a valid email address and a password. The account for charging your bracelet can be used to:
  • Add funds to the RFID bracelet before the festival without visiting a charging/top-up station
  • See an overview of your transactions
  • Request a return of unused funds on your RFID bracelet after the end of the festival
  • Request the RFID bracelet be blocked if it is lost or stolen.


  1. Where and how can I add credit to my RFID bracelet?

Before the festival
Register your RFID bracelet online and add funds to your bracelet before the festival. You can add credit simply by going to https://metronome.simply-x.com

During the festival
On the spot
You can add funds to your bracelet while at the festival at Cashless Top-Up points using payment cards or cash.
You can also charge your bracelet at any point through the https://metronome.simply-x.com website. In this case, your RFID bracelet has to registered on the website and paired with your online account. As soon as the amount is sent through the webpage, simply place the bracelet on an info-kiosk and the funds will automatically be added. The kiosks can be found at all Cashless Top Up points and the tent where tickets are exchanged.


  1. Can I transfer credit from one bracelet to another?
    No, unfortunately it’s not possible to transfer credit from one RFID bracelet to another. Unused credit will be returned to you free of charge upon request in accordance with the refund conditions listed in our terms and conditions.


  1. Can I pay for something together with my friend and split the bill?
    No, unfortunately splitting bills is not possible. Only one RFID bracelet can be used to pay for a single transaction.


  1. How do I get a RFID bracelet?
    Every guest will receive a RFID bracelet upon entering the festival grounds when checking tickets.  


  1. Is there a minimum and maximum amount that can be added to the RFID bracelet?
    You can add any amount to the RFID bracelet (in hundreds of or thousands of koruna, i.e. CZK 50, CZK 200, CZK 1000, etc.), but the minimum is CZK 50. The limit the RFID bracelet can hold is CZK 10,000.


  1. Will I receive confirmation of adding credit after charging the RFID bracelet?
    You will receive confirmation of charging your RFID bracelet through the website in an email sent to the address you registered. The website will also display your transactions.
    Top-up points
    Cashless Top-Up points will issue a printed receipt for each time you add funds to your bracelet.


  1. How do I pay at stands and bars?
    1. Place your order.
    2. Wait until the amount of your transaction to appear on the RFID bracelet reader.
    3. Place your RFID bracelet on the reader and wait for the “Platba proběhla úspěšně (Payment was successful) message to appear. You will also see the balance available on your RFID bracelet.


  1. Do I need a PIN for the payments, or do I need to register somewhere?
    No. You only need your RFID bracelet that has been charged with credit. Registration of the RFID bracelet is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it. For more information about the benefits of registering your RFID bracelet and creating an online account, see How and where can I create my online account for adding credit to my RFID bracelet and what is the purpose of this account?


  1. The deposit for cups is subtracted from the bracelet and then added back after it’s returned?
    Yes. As soon as you return the cup to the designated place, the deposit you paid is returned to your RFID bracelet.


  1. I ordered something and it was entered into the register, but I don’t have enough credit on my bracelet. What now?
    Ask a friend to cover your purchase with their RFID bracelet;
    Ask to cancel the purchase. Then add the credit you need to the RFID bracelet through the website or at a Cashless Top-Up point. For more information how, see Where and how can I add credit to my RFID bracelet?


  1. What happens if I lose my RFID bracelet or it’s stolen?
    Immediately inform a customer service representative that can be found at every Cashless Top-Up point and report what happened.
    If you created an online account, give the presentative your username and all other information that is necessary to block your original RFID bracelet.
    If you did not create an online account, a new bracelet will be issued to you on the basis of confirmation of your ticket and answering questions that will help confirm your use of the original bracelet. Therefore, please keep your ticket with you throughout the festival and do not throw it away.
    In both cases, a customer service representative will issue you a replacement RFID bracelet.
    Keep your RFID bracelet firmly fastened to your wrist and be careful with it.
    A replacement RFID bracelet can be paired with your original online account or you can create a new one. Then you can add credit if needed. A customer service representative will help you with these steps.
    You can find more information in the terms and conditions for using the RFID bracelets for cashless payments at the Metronome Festival that are available at www.metronomefestival.cz/cashless.


  1. The festival is over. How do I receive the balance remaining on the RFID bracelet? What do I do?
    In order to get your money back, you need to create an online account if you did not do so prior to or during the festival. Then request the refund of the balance on the RFID bracelet using the refund form, which you can find at https://metronome.simply-x.com in the “Vrácení zůstatku” (Refund of Balance) section. (For more information about creating an online account, see How and where can I create my online account for adding credit to my RFID bracelet and what is the purpose of this account?)

Returning funds to Czech accounts is free of charge. However, we will charge the entire bank fee for returning funds to foreign accounts. Therefore, please enter Czech bank accounts if you can. If you enter your bank account incorrectly, thus creating fees to transfer the balance, these fees will be taken from the returned funds. Therefore, please be careful when entering your account number.

Request the return of the balance on the RFID bracelet by August 31, 2019.

The balance will be returned within 14 days after receiving the refund request. If you do not receive the refund within 15 working days of sending the request, contact customer service at c[email protected] . Please put “Vrácení zůstatku” (Refund of Balance) into the subject line.

More information can be found in the terms and conditions for using festival RFID bracelets for cashless payments at Metronome Festival that are available at www.metronomefestival.cz/cashless

  1. I’d like to keep the bracelet for next year’s festival. Is that possible?
    No, you are not permitted to keep your RFID bracelet for use at next year’s festival. Therefore, please request a refund of your balance. For more information, see The festival is over. How do I receive the remaining balance on the RFID bracelet? What do I do?
  2. Who can I turn to if I have problems?
    We’re available throughout the festival at the clearing points at each Cashless Top Up point that are open around the clock. Before and after the festival, you can contact us at [email protected]
  3. How to get a CZK 100 bonus from Mastercard?
    This offer is valid for the first 5,000 people who charge their accounts using a Mastercard. The account can be charged before the festival (see point 3) or at the festival at a Cashless Top-Up point (if the bonuses have not been exhausted before the festival). If you fulfil these conditions, you will receive a bonus of CZK 100 on your festival account. The bonus will only be added the first time a person charges their account.

General Terms and Conditions download HERE