21 —— 22    6    2019

Supplementary program

The organizers of Metronome Festival Prague decided to give the supplemental program and unifying theme this year, the future of education. At the same time, it tries to draw attention to 30 years since the Velvet Revolution, freedom and how to hand it over to our children.“Metronome is not just an urban festival. We understand that we’re inviting our guests to one of the most important university cities in a country where the discussion about the future of education is one of the most crucial facing society. That’s why we invited various institutions, both public and private, to present their views of the future of science and education.” said festival producer David Gaydečka.


Metronome Square is a space where we’ve concentrated the festival’s non-musical complementary program.
Its attractive location at the entrance to the festival grounds is a fantastic place for the presentation of this part of the festival.
For festival guests will present an entertaining experience as well meaningful information about science, technology, and education. A beneficial side effect of this area is, that visitors can find here chillout zone for rest and relax.

The Opero Forum stage  – speakers will discuss current themes from popularization of science,
innovations, new technologies and start-ups, moderated discussions will alternate
with workshops and silent film viewings

Pendulum tent – chillout zone gonna be alternates between a musical chillout space with a DJ,
theatre productions and stand-up sets

Offline tent – offline workshops focused on entertainment and relaxation – drum circles, free movement,
dance, music and offline workshops also short performance a la Hyde Park

R-Stream by Czech Radio – Radiožurnál – interviews with guests and performers

Playful Explorer Tent  – big interactive space separated into smaller zones, visitors can find
there the presentations about Czech Science Center, gaming zone, robotic presentation;
as well as space for presentations by universities, technical schools, and non-profits

Silent cinema stage – movie screening will have “silent-cinema” sound system,
diverse theatre furniture, with genre films to be screened about music, education, evolution and society

And there will be much more, visitors can also enjoy sports zone, photobox, children’s play area, street art, artistic installations, charging stations and cuisine of the future. Unusual entertainment and relaxation, that is the Metronome Festival Prague!