19 —— 20    6    2020
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alyona alyona is probably one of the most well-known rap figures of modern ukrainian rap. She became an overnight success in 2018 with her hit ‘Ribki’ that went viral and broke through the music scene.

Her effortless authenticity speaks to a lot of people of her generation. Even though she raps only in her mother language, she has gained a great number of fans in all corners of Europe. The characteristic theme of Alyona’s songs is irony and sarcasm alongside with optimism and freedom vibes.  As she claims, things should be fun. No depressive shades take place in her work even though she sometimes writes about deep topics, such as today’s social system, beauty ideal or self-acceptance. Most of her inspiration comes from the ordinary stories that she sees all around her. When the message mix with her extravagant energy on the stage all language barriers falls and the audience gets one extraordinary experience of a show.


The jury of music award ANCHOR voted for her as s winner of this international prize for new international music talents this year. The former kindergarten teacher doesn’t just linger around – this year she released two albums and did both Ukraine and European tour. And she is just getting started!

Haven’t heard of her yet? Fortunately if you’ve somehow missed her, you have plenty time to get hyped and be ready for the next time she is in Prague. After her last local sold out show, we are bringing her back here so don’t miss her out on Metronome Prague 2020!