19 —— 20    6    2020
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First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone for all the great reviews and feedback that we’ve received about the festival. We’ve also received a few tips and recommendations for next year as well as complaints and some misinformation. We’re grateful for every opinion and we wanted to provide you some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received, answer them, and provide some clarification.

I had to buy 3D glasses to experience the Kraftwerk performance

3D glasses for the Kraftwerk performance were given to each guest free of charge at the entrance to the festival on Saturday. Those with special credentials (press, etc.) could receive glasses at gathering spots (i.e. the press centre). If a person lost their glasses, then they could be purchased for CZK 50 at the merchandising tent.

No bar offered draft non-alcoholic beer.

Draft non-alcoholic beer was available in the Zero zone, which was labelled on the festival map.

Why wasn’t credit remaining on the bracelet returned immediately upon leaving the festival?

Most people leave the festival at the same time – after the end of the last concert on the outdoor stage. If all these people came to top-up/refund points at once, huge lines would form no matter their capacity.

There was nowhere to return a cup at 3 am.

Most beer stands were open until 5 am. If the bar you were at closed earlier or they did not take your cup back, then we apologize for the complications. However, the cup could have been returned to any of the open bars.

Why couldn’t I pay with my card?

There were vendors that accepted payment cards within the festival grounds. They were all marked with symbols for contactless payments.

Another reason behind this is the necessity for an online connection to be operational 100% of the time. The cashless system used at the festival works offline, which isn’t true of payment terminals. That is a major advantage and a fail-safe in case of lost connections. The primary goal of the cashless system is the guest’s comfort, mostly be not making people wait in line. That’s not really possible with a payment terminal.

Why isn’t the remaining credit returned automatically? Why can’t I fill out the form right after the end of the festival?

If you created a festival account beforehand, entered all the necessary information, and checked automatic refunds, you do not have to fill out anything else and the remaining credit on your cashless account will be returned within 14 days.

For those that didn’t create an online account, the provider of the cashless system set the refund form for Monday morning after the festival and we actually launched it on Sunday night. Regardless, we understand the demand for refunds to be launched immediately after the end of the festival. We’ll improve that for next year.

Why do I have to enter certain information into the form again?

These are settings from the provider of the cashless solution that reduce the risk of the system being misused or abused. However, it’s also one of the things we’d like to improve in future instalments.

Why do you charge a fee for refunds?

It is not true that the organizers charged any sort of fee unless dealing with a foreign bank account where fees are levied by the bank for each transfer. All refunds are FREE OF CHARGE for all domestic accounts. No fees whatsoever. If you have CZK 1 on your bracelet chip and you fill out a refund form, we will return the CZK 1 just as it says in the terms and conditions.

Your soundman didn’t do a good job during the Liam Gallagher show and the sound was lousy.

We provided the highest-quality audio equipment and worked with acoustics professional to prepare the festival and provide our guests with the best experience possible. Most artists travel with their own soundmen responsible for their performances. If you were not satisfied with the audio quality of any of the performances, we’re very sorry, but the resulting audio is often the intention of the artist and their soundman.

There were definitely fewer people at the festival this year than last

We improved the festival grounds and doubled its area over last year. Guests therefore had much more space to enjoy.

I threw away my bracelet. Did I lose all my money?

If you don’t have your bracelet, and you didn’t record or take a picture of its serial number, then we can still try to find it and return your money. Send your ticket in electronic form to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.