19 —— 20    6    2020
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The diversity and quality of the Czech musical scene will be highlighted at the fifth edition of the Metronome Prague festival. Lovers of all musical genres will find something to enjoy, we continue with electronica, folk and rap and announce next artists known and loved by a multitude of fans and lauded by critics – Bratři, FVLCRVM, Tomáš Klus and Kapitán Demo.

One of the most respected names on the Czech electronica scene are the duo Bratři, who create experimental music using electronics, samples, and acoustic percussion instruments. Their fame has started to spread abroad, performing at the prestigious Tallinn Music Week in Estonia last year and they represented the Czech scene in January of this year at the Eurosonic Noordeslag in Groningen, the Netherlands. Another music project that can also be included in the list of domestic performers is Slovakian representative at the Eurosonic, FVLCRVM. It’s led by Bratislava-based producer Pišta Kraľovič, known from the group Nvmeri. Picked by Spotify as #1 for their renowned “Fresh Finds” Playlist, the first track featuring FVLCRVM’s own vocal Hi! went viral and was soon featured by BBC Radio 6 Music. This gained the Bratislava based artist immediate attention by tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobbs or Machinedrum.

Singer-songwriter Tomáš Klus is doubtlessly one of the biggest celebrities in Czech pop, though his music is more folky. One of the most popular performers on the scene today and a well-known activist, Klus has released seven successful albums, toured extensively, and played to massive crowds, as well as acting in about a dozen feature and TV films. On the other spectrum of Czech music scene stands Jiří Burian’s Kapitán Demo project that falls somewhere between pop and hip-hop. However, it perfectly employs parody and satire that’s not just entertaining, but also lampoons the most cringe-worthy elements to be found in the domestic and foreign music industry as well as society at large. However, that same industry praised Kapitán Demo in 2018 with three Anděl nominations for the album Mládí v trapu, including the most prestigious for Best Solo Performer.