21 —— 22    6    2019
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The festival is almost here, so we recommend to watch our social media and you will not miss anything.
We bring a short recap of the most important thing that will be waiting for you at the festival.


  • At the festival – high-capacity reception, the big one will be open on 21 June and 22 June, always from 12am to 10pm, and  the small until 4am.

How to use CASHLESS?
Charge your account from the comfort of your home and get a 100 CZK Mastercard bonus.
Pair your chip with your account and go to the festival.
Learn how to charge your account and all the information HERE.

Cashless payments https://metronomefestival.cz/en/cashless/

  • Metronome Festival Prague is completely cashless.
  • Cashless payments work much like debit cards. Your festival bracelet will serve as a digital wallet for all your purchases at the festival. Simply place the bracelet on the payment terminal.
  • HOW IT WORKS – Once you have your ticket, you can create your festival account at our website https://metronomefestival.cz/en/cashless/ and pre-charge your bracelet chip from the comfort of your own home. You can enter the account at any point to add funds online at any point. Refunds are possible only online after the end of the festival. We recommend taking a picture of your bracelet and PIN immediately after receiving them (you can find them on the rear of the bracelet).
  • Paying at the festival is possible only by using the cashless bracelet. However, thanks to cooperation with Mastercard, there are 18 special locations within the festival grounds that accept Mastercard.
  • Adding funds to your account is possible at Cashless Top-Up points within the grounds.
  • The festival bracelet serves to identify ticket holders throughout the festival and therefore cannot be removed. Guests with damaged bracelets will not be allowed access.
  • If a visitor loses their bracelet, they must go to the nearest Help desk/Info point that are located at all Cashless Top-Up points. By presenting their ticket and ID, they will be issued a new bracelet. Visitors that created a cashless account prior to or online at the festival will have a simpler exchange. Instead of their ticket, they can simply use their user name and other information used to create their online account for the exchange.

Entering the grounds https://metronomefestival.cz/en/the-venue/

  • Once you arrive at Výstaviště, find the festival reception desk at the tram stop, which we prepared on the basis of experience from last year to reduce queuing times. Here you can exchange your ticket for your festival bracelet. 
  • Have your ticket printed out or saved to your phone (we also recommend having some form of personal ID with you for security reasons – i.e. in case of loss or damage of the ticket or bracelet).
  • Then just follow the signs to the main entrance of the festival. If you already exchanged your ticket for your bracelet at the tram stop, just pass through the control gate.
  • Security checks will take place at all entrances to the festival. These are proscribed by law to assure the security of all festival guests. If you are carrying any items or larger luggage that cannot be taken into the grounds, there is a luggage check next to the main entrance. We ask for your patience and understanding with security as the necessary checks are performed.
  • Luggage larger than size A4, glass containers and items, any alcohol, drugs, cans, weapons, items for self-defence, professional cameras, animals, or umbrellas are strictly prohibited within the festival grounds.
  • Forbidden items.

It is close to us by car, bus or train. For travel you can use the services of our official carrier Leo Express, which also offers you a 15% discount. Just enter the code “METRONOME” when booking a ticket. TICKETS HERE
During the festival, public transport links will be strengthened, so you can get even better at the festival and home.

Tram: 1, 6, 12, 17, 25, 93, 94
Stop: Výstaviště Holešovice

Metro Line C (Red)
Bus stop: Nádraží Holešovice

It is recommended that visitors park their cars in the P + R (park and ride) parking lots, located in the vicinity of public transport, which are operated in connection with the subsequent use of public transport. The closest P + R car park can be found in Holešovice, information on www.parkujvklidu.cz/parkovani-pr/

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You will get your 3-D glasses on Saturday when you enter the festival gates, you will get one free glasses for each cashless bracelet. If you lose them, you can buy them at the Merchandsing tent.