21 —— 22    6    2019
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Popular station Radio Wave will take over auspices of the covered Radio Wave New Stage at the Křížík Pavilions. This location will allow the stage to continue holding performances into the wee hours, much longer than the open-air stages. TheRadio Wave New Stage will include a visual aspect and the space will be completed with a statue by renown sculptor Michal Cimala.

The performers from abroad that will grace theRadio Wave New Stage include British indie rock singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd, whose songs are in rotation on BBC Radio 1 and she has performed at festivals such as the Isle of Wight. Icelandic hip hop group Reykjavíkurdætur, made up of 10 women rappers and singers, will perform their work that fights against conservative views of women on the New Wave Stage. One of the most successful contemporary Slovak bands, The Ills, who have appeared at festivals across Europe, will make their appearance on this stage and perform songs from their new album.

TheRadio Wave New Stage will also host some of the best of domestic performers at this year’s festival, such as Czech alternative and hip-hop group WWW, and indie pop legend Khoiba, who returns to clubs and festivals with a new record after a long hiatus. Leading Czech electronica pioneer Floex will perform in a joint project with Britain’s Tom Hodge. The New Wave Stage will also be the venue for Manon Meurt, Lazer Viking, and John Wolfhooker.

Also this will be the first time the finals of Radio Wave’s Czeching project will be at the Metronome Festival. This year’s nominees are Market, an original rock project from Prague that had its first taste of success with its debut release Art Star. The group also includes Olomouc’s Nylon Jail, which is a singular melding of electronic music and country, as well as high-energy garage-rock band Branko’s Bridge. Czech-Vietnamese singer Viah and her brand of electro-pop has also been shortlisted, and the final nominee is Margo, a pop music project surrounding singer Aneta Martínková.