19 —— 20    6    2020
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Dreamy pop and smooth psychedelia with a distinctive style and clear connections to the best artists from the past will be on display during the fifth edition of Metronome Prague. Still Corners will join recently announced electronica legends Underworld as one of the major attractions of next year’s event. Some of the last early-bird discounted tickets are still available for for EUR 65. Be fast! More exciting performers will continue to be announced. 


Still Corners is comprised of singer and keyboardist Tessa Murray and multi-instrumentalist Greg Hughes. Their first meeting was like out of a novel: They met on London train platform. One thing led to another and the Londoner and the Arizona native found they had a love for the same musical influences and decided to work together. That was in 2007 and just a year later they released their first self-funded EP Remember Pepper? Their big break came with the signing of a contract with Sub Pop, one of the biggest American alternative labels that was also home to groups like Nirvana and Soundgarden.

Sub Pop still has an ear for talent, because Still Corners’ debut album Creatures of an Hour was critically acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic. The same happened two years later with their next release Strange Pleasures. After the contract with Sub Pop ran out, Still Corners decided to embark in the modern thing of creating their own label. Dubbed Wrecking Light, it released the duo’s next two studio efforts Dead Blue (2016) and Slow Air (2018).