19 —— 20    6    2020
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The legendary Křižík Fountain at Výstaviště in Prague-Holešovice will finally find a use that matches its significance: It will be one of the chief venues for the fifth annual Metronome Festival Prague that will take place on June 19-20, 2020. Legendary band Tata Bojs will perform at the fountain where frontman Milan Cais will create a stage to be dubbed H2O. Together with the Výstaviště exhibition ground will work together to revive and renovate this space. Get your ticket for next year’s festival today and take advantage of early-bird specials priced at just CZK 1,390 per ticket.

“The Metronome Festival will provide guests with a unique musical experience not available anywhere else. In 2020, we will combine a unique location with a singular event: Together with Milan Cais and Tata Bojs, we decided to revive the Křižík Fountain. We’re also preparing a one-time concert where Milan Cais will design the stage,” festival organizer David Gaydečka said.

The Křižík Fountain, which will become Metronome Festival Prague’s sixth stage in 2020, is considered the most beautiful part of the Výstaviště exhibition ground. The name is more than just symbolic. The fountain was originally designed by the “Czech Edison” František Křižík, one of the most renown inventors in Czech history. It was opened in 1891 during the General Land Centennial Exhibition and underwent a thorough renovation for the General Czechoslovak Exhibition a century later. An amphitheatre was created around the fountain with seating for 6,000 viewers used mostly for insignificant commercial performances. Operations were halted at the Křižík Fountain in 2017 and a petition was launched to re-open it. Its incorporation into Metronome Festival Prague’s venues will return it to its rightful place among the most important cultural landmarks in the Czech capital.

Tata Bojs concerts, just like everything the group does, are supplemented by exceptional visual experiences because Milan Cais isn’t just an important Czech musician and songwriter, but also a renowned visual artist. Besides designing album covers, stages, performances, and the exhibition marking 30 years since the founding of Tate Bojs held at Prague’s DOX gallery last year, Cais is also respected for his work outside the band where he combines traditional artistic methods with new media and progressive thinking; a style that corresponds to the Tata Bojs’ music.

Tata Bojs will return to the Metronome Festival Prague after a two-year hiatus. They were one of the headliners of the 2018 edition when they marked 30 years since their founding. Their performance was one of the most popular by a domestic group in the history of the festival and it’s thus fair to expect that next year’s appearance accompanied by an exceptional one-time visual experience will be just as popular, if not more.

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