19 —— 20    6    2020
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First Foreign Headliner: Underworld!
“It will be a singular event and the biggest show we’ve ever produced,” the group said.

The duo that hails from Cardiff has been performing its brand of electronica for nearly thirty years while remaining relevant and shaping today’s modern music. The new album Drift Songs is Underworld’s first studio effort in three years.

We’re incredibly proud that we are able to book such a significant group that is an icon for many generations. The new album is eagerly awaited by millions of fans and we are very happy that they will perform it in Prague in top form for our domestic audience. Our fans really wanted Underworld and it’s so great we were able to oblige them,” Metronome festival Director David Gaydečka said.

The new album Drift Songs is part of the year-long Drift project Underworld announced a year ago. As part of the initiative, the band promised to release new or unpublished work every week; and not just music, but also video and graphic arts. The launch was on November 1, 2018 and the group was able to keep its promise to the public.

A limited number of 2000 tickets are available for EUR 65, you can buy your ticket HERE.